The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance


Who We Are:

The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance is a network of ghost hunters/paranormal investigators, belonging to this and/or other ghost hunting organizations, clubs, and groups from many different cities across South Texas. We work together to document and research evidence of paranormal activity at a residence, business, or other location. This allows us to cover more area and provides a database of current information about ghost and ghost hunting.


We treat each investigation with professionalism, and respect for the dead & the living, who may be occupying the area in which we may be investigating. We are also respectful of place of business, quiet not to disrupt or scare away customers who don't share the same views we have about spirits & ghosts.

We Do NOT perform EXORCISMS to rid any place of ghosts. If you feel you need an exorcism, please contact a person of your faith, as each procedure is unique to it's own religion. If this doesn't help, we may refer you to someone who might be able to help.

It has been our experience that some ghosts don't wish to leave before a message is delivered or justice is served. Usually, the spirit has a message to pass on, and/or they need a little encouragement that everything will be ok. ONLY THEN will we wish the spirit well, and ask it to "go in peace". That's the limit our group goes to. 

We only seek to educate ourselves & others of Spirits (Ghosts) and how & why they exist. We don't believe in fabricating ghost stories or evidence of ghosts for the purpose of entertainment or any documentaries, nor do we believe in charging a fee for our services. We seek the truth, and will share with the world what we believe to be the truth with all the information we've gathering from our investigations, and from paranormal investigators world wide. 

We Believe Ghosts/Spirits DO EXIST...

Why? Because some of them interact with us physically, emotionally, visually, or audibly...

While others may not wish to be bothered. They leave energy signatures that can be picked up by our equipment. Cameras, camcorders, EMF detectors, Cassette Recorders, Non-surface contact thermometers, and dowsing rods all help us identify a phenomena we call Ghosts. Patterns that are consistent, day after day help us find ghosts easier and easier. 

All paranormal evidence, including photos, videos, & audio recordings of ghosts & their behavior is captured & recorded for the public to see unaltered, and uncensored, via our website or in person. We (STGHA) are both scientists and skeptics, trying to rule out all things normal, so the only other explanation is paranormal. 

We are our own worst critics, following strict guidelines & procedures so we try to eliminate all possibilities of human or environmental influence or error. When we reduce the odds of something being simple to explain, we are then left with the task of trying to identify what ever we captured on film/audio and then rule out further possibilities. To quote Mr. Spock "When you eliminate the impossible, what ever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

 It's the truth that we seek.