The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance

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The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance

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Steven Wolff



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Our group is always open to helping others become better educated about the paranormal as long as it promotes ghost research and ghost hunting. If you or your business are interested in contacting our group for a possible Film, Radio, Television, Movie, News, or a School Interview via in person, or in writing, please email the above address with the words INTERVIEW in the subject lines. Response time is usually 24 - 48 hours and most interviews are given free of charge. We also provide ghost consultation for movie, TV  & Video producers who are looking to get as real as you can get in recreating a haunted location.

We will not donate our time or services IF it casts ghost hunting, paranormal investigating, ghost hunters, or ghost organizations in a bad light. We are here to show patterns of ghostly phenomena and how we go about collecting this data for others to go out and discover for themselves if ghosts do exist. 

Results may vary during each investigation due to a overwhelming number of factors that may or may not be favorable for ghost activity during the time of recording. Such events are time, weather, location, atmospheric & geomagnetic disturbances, etc... To compensate, we work our investigations around these conditions to provide the best possible results for the investigation.

We do not believe in charging a fee for investigating reports of Paranormal activity at a home or office. We as business make money through our education classes we offer on a weekly basis. All documented photographs, audio & visual recordings, and experiences will be available to see/hear upon request of the person requesting the investigation, if they wish.