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Where Do You Go To Find A Ghost?

Keep in mind that some ghosts are perfectly happy to stay behind at a place that brought them great comfort and joy when they were alive. This is evident by the growing number of reports of people seeing past guests, tenants, family members, and loved ones at familiar places, such as a home. There are many reasons why they may choose to stay behind. Your guess is as good as ours. Some do go on, to come back once in a while to check up on things... Make sure things are as they left it.  ;-) 

When things are messed up, or moved, some spirits/ghosts will protest and make their feelings known by making noise, turning off equipment or draining batteries, or on very rare occasions, stalk/spook/harass/or even physically harm someone till they are scared away. Remember, spirits/ghosts were and are technically still people. Would you like it if someone went into your room and starting rearranging or throwing things away? Case & Point. 

Unfortunately, some spirits don't have the luxury of coming or going as they please. For what ever reason, something terrible happened to them when they were alive, and their death was not in peace. Usually battlegrounds where wars once took place are very hot spots for paranormal activity. Crime scenes, including inside some houses, are where a spirit may stay behind for what ever reason. Hospitals, Morgues, Grave yards, and other places where a person's body is taken, is usually where a spirit will be found, not too far away. 

Tragic car accidents have left some spirits wondering up and down highways and roads, believed to be lost and confused, unaware that they have died and are dead. Those spirits who are fortunate enough to have died peacefully, and are aware of their existence, are believed to be the ones who are most interactive with humans and animals. 

Many pictures taken have shown spirits like to hang around babies because of the joy a newborn brings to both the living and the after living. If you're thinking of going off on your own, trying to find spirits, it's not recommended until you completely understand the dynamics of the spirit world. Paranormal Investigators, and Ghost Hunters have experience because they seek out spirits by going to where they are believed to be hanging out. 

It's NOT recommended you go alone, and if you must, go with someone else, preferably someone who has experience. Best bet is to go with a local group in your town or city on a few ghost hunts. Experience it for yourself in the safety of numbers, and with others who know what they are doing. Always be polite and respectful to the living and to the dead. You are being judged by your actions, behavior, and how you present yourself. 

This will have a positive or negative repercussion on  future ghost hunters/PI, when they ask to investigate a site that you've been too. Also, don't forget to follow your local, federal and state laws on trespassing, hours of operation (for cemeteries), and getting permission from people who are responsible for letting you investigate. 

(i.e. Building Managers, land owners, etc. )

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