The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance

What If I Think I have a Ghost?

The first thing we tell everyone is DON'T PANIC !!! 

And usually they turn around and say "Easier said than done."

True, but you need to throw out everything you've been brought up to believe. Ghosts/Spirits aren't here to harm you or are out to get you. They are usually preoccupied with their own problems to be plotting anything against you. Hollywood and certain religions would have you believe that spirits/ghosts are evil or are the work of the devil. Forget that. 

Another Thing: We've got NEWS For You!!!

GHOSTS/SPIRITS Have Been Around YOU for a long time. Even Long Before You Were Born. In Malls, Movie Theaters, Ball Parks, Grocery Stores, You Name it. So Why are you freaking out now?

Only a few of them can get a person's attention, and when they do, most of them WANT the attention. "Finally! Someone hears me!" Is what they think. 

But only to be disappointed that the person who saw or heard what they did FREAKED OUT and left a full body imprint on the door because they were in such a hurry to get out of the room.

Then they are sad again. Granted, some may make noise because they don't want you there, but that's very rare. We welcome Spirits and ghosts to make noise, as long as they keep it down past 10pm. 

Listen to what we have to say... 

First, read up on what makes a ghost what it is, so you may better understand the psychology of a ghost, and why they do certain things. If you have a ghost, and it's making noises, it's probably letting you know that it's there. By acknowledging that spirit/ghost, you are making things easier for both you and the spirit. How would you feel if everyone ignored you and blew you off all the time? Now how would you feel if someone finally acknowledged you? Ghost Hunters/Paranormal Investigators sometimes make new ghost friends, who like to follow us home. Certain members don't mind, while others insist that they don't follow them home. The one's that are allowed to stay are told to behave and not break anything. If they follow the rules, they can stay. 

TRUST US, this does happen.

Also read up on why they stay behind. Sometimes they might have a message to pass on, or a burden that they need to get off their chest. So if you encounter a spirit or ghost, try not to be afraid. Talk to it. If you're open minded, you might just hear what ever the spirit is saying. We say this because most of our sensitive psychics never knew the gifts they had, until they discovered them out in the field. 

If you don't feel comfortable having a spirit around, simply ask it to leave or go somewhere else, and that you're not comfortable with it. If you're not sure you have a spirit but have experienced unexplained phenomena such as unexplained noises, lights, movement, feeling of being watched, etc...  If necessary, we can have a team of investigators come to the site of the activity to try and document evidence of paranormal activity. 

Sorry we don't do exorcisms, but we can ask a spirit to leave peacefully. If you want an exorcism, contact your local church or place of worship.