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What Does A Real Ghost Look Like?

Ghosts (Spirits) come in several forms of shapes. The most common captured on film/camera is what we call "Orbs", which are round balls of energy. They vary in sizes, from the size of a large marble, to as big as a basketball. Some skeptics would look at the picture below and think/say "it's a speck on the camera lens." It's not. These "specks" have dimension, density, and give off electrical properties that can be measured using a EMF Detector. That's not to say all orbs are ghostly or paranormal. Some are dust floating in front of the camera. Usually these types of orbs have an eye in the middle of them. This is one way to tell them apart. Just remember -  Eye in orb = Dust. No eye = Good chance it's paranormal.

They  have been filmed on regular Sony Camcorders with Night vision, floating around off the ground, sometimes in pairs, and traveling in all directions. We have seen video footage of them interacting with people. Using higher speed film on regular cameras allows us to capture their movement in a "freeze" like state. The picture below is a perfect example. (Click on any of the pictures below to see it blown up to original size.)

Picture copyright 2001 Johnny S. & STGHA

Slower speed film or shutter speeds allow us to capture orbs in motion, resulting in light streaks. These light streaks are no different than if you were to take a picture of a passing car at night. You would have a long red tail/blur. The picture below is an orb in motion, passing directly in front of the camera. Notice the little "hairs" in the above and below? Those are believed to be little energy discharges, the same way if you were to put your hand on those "lightning" globes they sell at novelty shops. 

Copyright 2001 STGHA. Use with Permission.

When these orbs move, sometimes they cause a streak of light or "blur" that can be seen with the human eye. This is an example of an orb in motion at a haunted location in Houston, TX. Two different Kodak photo labs analyzed this picture and have found no flaws in the developing, processing, or picture. They said "what ever it is, it's in front of the camera."  This picture is #12 in a roll of 25, using a Kodiak Advantix F300 using 400 Speed Film. Advantix doesn't allow you to open the camera's film door until the whole roll is used up to avoid light slippage. 

Having felt something cold pass me by, I took a second picture of the same exact area about 3 seconds later. The picture below is #13, after the one above, and at the same spot.

Copyright 2001 STGHA   Use with Permission

The above photo shows what is believed to be the next stage of what happens when an orb breaks from a circular shape into a mist/smoke like shape. No one was smoking or around me during this photograph and the skies were clear that night. We've seen orbs break into a mist like shape on camcorder film so we know by looking at our pictures what exactly we're looking at. The above is what we call "Ectoplasm" or "Ecto" for short. Usually, after his stage, they have been seen taking on a human shape called, called an apparition. This usually would be a human figure/shape. Sometimes all of one, sometimes only part of a human. 

But to do so, this requires a lot of energy on their part. After they go from orb to ecto, the mist forms into usually an upright human figure, of the way the spirit remembers how they look at the time when they were alive. That's why when a spirit dies, and a picture is taken of an apparition, that spirit will wear clothing that is representative of the time period they lived in. Spirits don't have fashion wear that they flaunt as they please. Only what they remember having on at the time of their demise. Look at the picture below...

Copyright 2001 STGHA  Use with Permission

The above photo is of a full blown apparition of a woman ghost. Notice her left arm is transparent. You can make out what she is wearing, a little bit of her face, and buttons on her shirt. This kind of photo is what all ghost hunters strive for. What we call "Trophy" pictures. This is a rare example of how some people have reported seeing their loved ones and descriptions of people who have died, appear to them in a human form. Sometimes at a distance, other times up close. For a spirit to make themselves seen like this, it takes a lot of energy and effort on their part. Usually, you'll find significant temperature drops in the same room as this spirit is in. So, from an orb, a spirit goes into a mist/cloud like shape, and from there, they make a human shape/form before vanishing. Often, lasting a few seconds.