The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance

What Are Ghosts or Spirits?

That is the million dollar question we get asked over and over again...

We don't know.

Nobody Does...

But what we DO know is this:

We are documenting consistent patterns in which we are able to paint a picture.

Science and Facts don't lie.  They are unbiased. They give us the truth.

What YOU do with that information is up to YOU... but I will tell you this...

Some things Exist Whether you believe them or Not.

Obviously we are on to something otherwise we wouldn't be doing this for over 3 years.

It's hard to explain things you witness with your own eyes,
or things you hear that would stand your hairs on end.

But it makes you hunger for more.

When you rule out ALL possible and natural explanations, what you are left with is what we call Paranormal.

Now, getting back to your question... What is a Ghost/Spirit ?

A Ghost or a Spirit is Residual Energy from a Human body.

It is consistent with the Electro-magnetic fields in your skull.

The human conscience (what makes you "you") is not stored anywhere in your brain.

We know this as a scientific FACT because people have parts of their brains removed all the time.

They still are who they are.

We know "Information" or "Data" can exist in an energy field. Look at how most electronics work around you. They transmit information back and forth through electrical impulses and frequencies.

What we have found is this:

When we investigate an alleged haunted area, we usually find a "ball of energy" that is consistent in size with majority of the photos we have. That size is approx. the size of a human head. Coincidence?
That ball of energy is made up of electro-magnetic energy that registers between 2 and 7 Milliguass. Coincidence Again? On video and in person, ghost hunters have witnessed these balls of energy react to people entering a room or talking to them. Some of them even obey simple commands which shows comprehension and intelligence.  Again Coincidence?
We have found in Digital or Cassette Recordings of EVP that these spirits/ghosts have emotions in their tone of voice. Again Coincidence?
We have recorded patterns of behavior that are identical to a person who was once alive. Humans being creatures of habit sometimes don't differentiate between life and death. Again Coincidence?

We only add up the information we are given and come up with hypothesis on what these "ghosts" are. Some of them interact with us. Some of them avoid us, while others are happy to see us.

But no matter where we investigate, no matter who goes on the hunt...

The information and patterns remain the same...


There have been many answers and theories, but over time, we've narrowed down what we (ghost hunters & paranormal investigators) believe ghosts are. Based on a collection of data & reports we share from all over the world.

A Ghost, sometimes referred to as a Spirit, is a residual collection of bio-energy that once occupied a human body. This energy, governed by the (1) laws of thermo-dynamics still remains intact, but without a shell to contain the energy in. (i.e. The human body). An example of this energy is most often experienced on a dry winter day, when you walk across a carpet and reach for a door knob... ~ZAP!~ You've just exchanged energy with the door. 

The human mind, uses bio-energy to fire electrical pulses to the heart and to other body parts to make them function. Computers use energy to store data, believed to be very similar to how our brain stores memory and experiences. This energy that contains our "personality", i.e. our thought processes, intelligence, who we are, & our "soul", is still intact after our bodies seize to function. We don't phase into nothingness. 

We believe that our personality continues on because of countless records of ghost behavior that was reported for hundreds of years. We have evidence on tape that some spirits are interactive, responsive, and some seek to communicate with others alive and dead. Behavior patterns identical to someone who was once alive is still being observed and reported all over the world. This leads us to believe, as of 2001, that spirits/ghosts are people who once existed on this planet.

This "Energy" is measured on a Milli-Gauss scale from 2 to 7 MG using a piece of equipment called an Electro Magnetic Field Detector. Some spirits have be documented spiking as high as 16 MG, but on average they can be found between 2 and 7 MG. Because spirits/ghosts are energy, they have a direct affect on the environment. When an energy molecule is excited, it heats up the space around it until it burns up all of the fuel it has. 

The result is a most common reported event, attributed to ghosts...  Cold Spots. Temperature drops from 20 F to 60 F degrees has been recorded using a non-contact infrared thermometer. This instrument helps to identify in what area a spirit may be. We have lots of pictures with members holding their non contact thermometers, directly in line with a spirit. Usually, the next item we use to capture and document evidence is a regular camera. 

Digital or 35mm cameras are able to capture these energies, because in all respect, they have mass, (weight) and a camera flash will reflect off of them, casting a shadow behind the spirit. Sony Handi-cams with night vision, uses infra-red light which also picks up spirits moving about in a room. So adding the math, we believe that all these combined, make up what we call a GHOST/Spirit.

( (1.) It cannot be created nor destroyed, only altered ~ Think about how water changes properties. You can't create water, but you can freeze it, evaporate it, liquefy it, etc. ) 

*  *  *  *  *

If you'd like to double check our ideas/opinions/thoughts & theories, please do so. We've included links below for you to get your questions answered by other respectable ghost organizations. Enjoy!

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