The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance


  There are some things that most ghost hunters know that they don't really need to be taught. It's kind of like unspoken rules in which everyone knows, but no one talks about. For those who don't know these "Rules" we're going to teach you what you need to know.


If & when you ever go into a graveyard you are entering into a sacred burial ground that holds the bodies of many spirits who were once alive. They don't have to be anyone famous to be respected. The fact that they were once human is more than enough. Do not take anything, move anything, and if possible, touch anything. Some spirits will follow you home along with the item(s) you took. We know a lot of people who will swear never to do it again because they themselves have had first hand experiences with an angry ghost. Just because we seek out the presence of ghosts, doesn't give us any rights to come in to their resting grounds and disrespect them or their memory.


If there's a sign that is posted, or if it is known to be off limits ~ DON'T GO THERE. Regardless of how haunted a location may be, if you don't have permission to be there, leave and either find permission or don't come back. There are a variety of reasons why we say this. The first one is for safety reasons. Texas law says you have a right to defend your property with what ever means necessary. Texas isn't shy about hiding the fact that almost everyone has a rifle or gun on their property. If you are found trespassing, there are some people who shoot first and ask questions later. Chances are you could wind up a ghost yourself. It's not worth it. Some properties have hazards that can or cannot be seen. You don't want to fall victim to these hazards because you could be seriously injured or killed. Another reason is because IT'S AGAINST THE LAW! Police don't play games when they think you are a suspect trying to commit a crime. This is why it's important to always carry your current I.D./Drivers License with you on all investigations. It helps if you have a member I.D. of the group your investigating with. If you don't have one, ask.


In the sense that they are like you, trying to find and document paranormal activity. Ghost Hunters/Paranormal Investigators are the eyes and ears of what's happening in the physical/spiritual world. If they tell you they encountered what they believe to be a spirit, give them the benefit of the doubt. I would trust another ghost hunter any day over an average person off the street because most ghost hunters follow strict IGHS standards, and have a pretty good idea & knowledge of what happens or may happen during a ghostly encounter. Because each persons experience is unique, and because there's not one uniform school that we all go to equally learn the same thing, No two ghost hunters are going to agree eye to eye on everything. That doesn't mean that they are wrong or not knowledgeable of ghost hunting. Far from it. Each persons experience has an impact on how they perceive the spirit world. Also, because each experience is unique, it's almost impossible to recreate the exact conditions that produced the ghostly phenomena. All that's left is what ever evidence was collected by the ghost hunter(s) on the scene. These could be in photographs, audio/digital recordings, video evidence, or personal recollection.


In this day in age where we have fraud and people out for profit, it's hard to tell who's legit and who's fake. During our investigations, we sometimes use someone who may posses gifts that others don't have. These gifts could be the ability to sense, feel, hear, interact, communicate and/or see a spirit. Now because they can and we can't, doesn't mean we shouldn't respect them, regardless if you believe them or not. They are a valuable asset to anyone who is fortunate enough to have them on their team. Some ghost hunters discover for themselves these gifts while out on field investigations. It makes sense because you are exposing someone to a place that could have spiritual activity. That person is highly alert to all sounds and surroundings. It's during this time that they discover their gift. If they say they see, hear, feel, or know something, give them the benefit of the doubt. There will be plenty of other opportunities where their gift will be tested. Often during our serious investigations, we don't tell our Sensitives, or Mediums details of the place where we are investigating. Often times, they tell us what we already know without even being briefed. Scientific or not, they are an asset to have and need to be respected regardless if you believe them or not.


Spirits have a way of telling if you are open or closed minded. How, we don't know, but we do know that they are more likely to respond & interact with us because we acknowledge their existence. Imagine yourself in a world where everyone ignores you. Now imagine someone who comes along and pays attention or wants to pay attention to you. How are you going to feel and react? Well, spirits were once human and think the same way. But if you come into a place with a closed mind and no respect, one of two things are going to happen. One, They aren't going to give you the time of day. Why should they? You don't believe them. Two, You might piss them off and they will intentionally harass you by disturbing the surroundings and/or you. I would rather be nice to a ghost and have them appear in a peaceful state then to have one appear in a pissed off state. Some spirits have physically pushed other ghost hunters down and even hit a member so we know first hand about ghostly interaction. We learn from other people's mistakes and apply them to our investigations.