The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance

Why Are Ghosts Still Here?

This question is asked often, and since we haven't had one person yet come back from the dead and tell us exactly why are they still hanging around, we have only our best educated guesses. These "guesses" are based on a collection of data & reports from all over the world. As scientists, we seek to find patterns in things, as well as the truth. With what we've gathered, this is believed to be the common census:

1.) To make sure a loved one is ok without them being there (look after a loved one)

2.) To avenge a wrongful death by not leaving until justice is served. *

3.) Because they are afraid of going towards the light or crossing over for fear of being judged (and possibly going to hell)

4.) Because they are perfectly happy where they are**

5.)  To pass on a message that "Everything is Ok"

6.) To pass on a message of "I love you and will never forget you"

7.) Some do cross over, but come back to check up on things.

8.) Some don't know they are dead and haven't left yet. ***

9.) Some have such a terrible burden that until they can let it go, they will roam the earth in pain and sorrow.

10.) Some just like to hang around for fun (transient ghosts)

11.) Some are looking for their bodies

12.) Some are looking for a loved one (either on the Earth Realm or Spiritual Realm)

13.) Some don't want to leave their home or property

14.) Some stay behind to protect loved ones & friends

15.) Some "Ghost Pets" still remain loyal to their masters.****

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

*  Many reports through crime agencies have had reports of an apparition leading detectives (or pointing to) a spot where a weapon used to kill a person is stashed. Usually, the item is found, the person brought to Justice, and the apparition is never seen from again.

** Some spirits are perfectly happy to stay at a place they enjoyed in while alive. This could be a home, a bar (or saloon), a theatre, a club, or anywhere. Ghosts/Spirits aren't bound by location. Some are transient, and travel around.

*** People killed suddenly/instantly don't have time to leave their body peacefully. They are technically ripped right out. Since they didn't leave their bodies naturally, they still think they are "alive" and don't know why people are ignoring them. They roam around looking for answers, unaware of their predicament. 

**** Reports of Ghost Pets are common after fluffy died. Impressions on the bed, or where they used to sleep are reported even after they are straightened out. Warm spots are also reported in the place where they used to sleep. Some things are knocked over or played with just like when they were alive. And the most noblest of reports, is being warned of danger, or pulled away from an accident waiting to happen.