The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance

Why Can't we See Them?

Most people deal with the things they CAN see and often forget that many things exist outside the spectrum of human vision. Basically, some people believe that if you can't see something, it doesn't exist. The old adage would apply: "Out of sight, Out of Mind".

We see the effects of wind blowing leaves and paper around, yet we don't "see" wind. We know its there and we don't pay much attention to it. Spirits/Ghosts have effects that people have noticed for hundreds of years, but yet they have dismissed the effects as imagination or even the wind. The thought of something "existing" that's invisible is unheard of... Stuff that science fiction has made up. But the point is that just because you can't see something doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Quite the opposite. People have reports dating back for centuries about things they couldn't see but felt...

They felt the coldness. They felt their hairs stand up. Some have seen things move and fly across the room. Some have heard footsteps walking and know that no one else is in the room. Some have seen a shadow of a person in the corner of their eye, & have even been touched. 

But why do people think that Ghosts don't exist? One of the main reasons is because before they had accurate means of recording history, a lot of information was passed on from generation to generation from word of mouth. Story telling. 

And as always, In a circle, when you start off telling one person something, after it goes around, it'll come back twisted up. Granted, there are some tall tales, of monsters, half man, half beast, etc. etc. and ghosts happen to have fallen in that category.

In fact, Halloween was made long ago to confuse the spirits by dressing up in costumes, in  what they believe the ghosts look like, so that they wouldn't stop at their house. 

Ok, so they exist, but why can't we see them?

One of the reasons is because ghosts are energy, energy cycles (Vibrating/Spinning) at a speed too fast for our eyes to see. When we use high speed film, it captures them in a "frozen" state. We use Electro Magnetic Field Detectors to pick up their energy signature.  

 If we were to take a picture of a ceiling fan with the blades spinning on high, the camera will stop it and show us the blades. Our normal vision can't see the blades at a high speed, just the blur. Cameras can, and have allowed us to see things we don't ordinarily see. 

Another reason is they exist just outside our visual spectrum of light. Children & Animals can see spirits because their rods haven't adjusted or adapted yet. Some adults can "see dead people." 

What are Apparitions?

Apparitions are the ghosts way of making themselves seen by you by collecting their energy together. You can't see the water in the air, but if you bring it together in one spot, you have a cloud or rain drops. The same for spirits. They collect their energy in the form of a mist, and appear in a smoke/mist like shape for you to see them. This requires a lot of effort on their part, and is draining on them. The same way it would be of you if you ran 10 miles. You'd be tired and thirsty for water. The same effort is believed to be applied to spirits, and they need their energy too. For the most part, it's easier to be invisible. 

Thermo vision & Night Vision Goggles (2nd Gen.) 

  Because Ghosts/Spirits are energy, and they use up all kinds of energy from inside the room, they can be seen sometimes with Thermo Vision & Night Vision Goggles. There are many documented video evidence of unexplained heat/energy sources coming from no where and resembling a human shape. Sony's night vision cameras are the first of their kind to help ghost hunters easily find spirits in the dark, because they pick up the I.R. spectrum, the same spectrum spirits are believed to be exist. 

Who knows? Someday in the future we could be using scanners from Wal-Mart to inform us that we have a ghost and where it's at! Picture it, It's the year 2050... you see a ghost, scan it with your Symbol ls4278 scanner (Futuristic Device that Instantly connects to the Internet and displays real time information) and it tells all about who the ghost was and shows a picture taken from the DMV - Hey you never know!  ;-)