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Christus Santa Rosa Hospital

On the front of the old nursing building is this plaque.

Between the months of October 2002 and August 2003, Steven Wolff, Founder of STGHA was working as a contractor at Christus Santa Rosa Hospital maintaining their Tele-Communications. It was during these months, at Random, that Steven encountered several Paranormal events that cannot be dismissed as imagination or coincidence. They are recorded here because they were witnessed by at least one person.  

Investigation: Christus Santa Rosa Hospital - Downtown

Location: San Antonio, TX 

Date: Between October 2002 and August 2003 

Investigator: Steven Wolff

Weather Conditions:  Indoors

Paranormal Activity Reported: One of the most common reports people have is also one of the oldest... that a headless nun haunts the hospital on various floors. There are also reports of various paranormal activity happening to different people at random, from stuff being moved around, to unexplained footsteps, doors closing, visual sightings, and various drops in temperatures.  

Paranormal Activity Found: Steven has personally experienced 6 Different Paranormal events during his contractors stay at Santa Rosa. They are:

1.) Door Opening ~ On an abandoned wing of the fifth floor, Steven & his Supervisor called Security to unlock the door that is always locked. Security came and let us into the abandoned wing and they left. Steven set up his ladder by the door and got up on it to access some wires in the ceiling. Roughly about two minutes had passed and the door opened up two feet with the handle wiggling in the locked position. Steven watched it as it opened up to see who was going to come through the door... but the door closed as if that person changed their mind and was leaving. Steven quickly got off his ladder and checked the door to see if Security (The only ones who have access) were the ones who came back in. With the clear window door to the right, and the hallway to the left, there was no way someone alive could have cleared the area in time NOT to be seen. However, there wasn't anyone around. No footsteps walking away, no janitor, no maintenance, no security. Steven had a feeling when he was watching the door that he was witnessing something very Paranormal... He was right.

2.) Scream ~ A real loud scream lasted two seconds was heard by Steven & his co-worker Marcel Rodriguez while alone upstairs on the second floor of the warehouse building. The location of the scream originated from somewhere on the upper level but Steven & Marcel searched everywhere including outside but no one was in distress. The scream was a woman's voice and was very emotional, sounding like they were in pain. Note: Santa Rosa St. runs along side of the warehouse and no one was outside or near by during the lunch hour. Also note that the warehouse isn't connected to any offices that someone might feel pain or discomfort.  

3.) Umm, ...  ~ While working on the first floor Data Center with his Supervisor, Steven was in the middle of a conversation when someone behind him said "Umm..." kinda like the "Umm Excuse Me..." kind when someone wants to get your attention. It was very clear and Steven turned around to see who wanted his attention. His Supervisor was there to witness this as it happened. The voice was a male, approx mid 20's and was calm and clear. 

Note: Various unexplained events have been reported in the Data Center which is in the heart of Santa Rosa Hospital, most often just things being unplugged, switched around, and various prankster like behaviors.

4.) Elevator Entry ~ Towards the end of the work day (around 3pm) Steven was on the 5th floor waiting for the elevator to go down. He had only pushed down and another person in maintenance waited with him. The elevator opened and we both pushed the button for the floors we wanted. We stepped back and the doors closed almost all the way... but the ding sound rang and the door opened up as if someone broke the infra-red beam. At the same time, a cool breeze entered the elevator. Steven being a Sensitive recognized that a spirit wanted to catch a ride also. He acknowledged the spirit and all of them went to their respected floors. 

Note: These elevators have Infra-red sensors to detect if an object is in the way to keep the doors from closing. If no object is in the way, the doors close and the elevator moves to the desired floors. Also Note: We know that spirits can trigger Infer-red beams and motion detectors because we use them on our investigations. 

5.) Heavy Presence Feeling ~ Also on the 5th floor, what used to be the operating rooms, one of the rooms you go into you can sometimes feel a heavy presence on your shoulders, like a weight is on your shoulders. At various times, Steven & co-workers would go up there and sometimes it was there, sometimes not, and sometimes it moved around. It was consistent enough to make going to the 5th floor fun enough to guess if "they" would be there or not. 

6.) The Working Ghost ~ On a Saturday, Steven was working overtime in the Data Center. Only a handful of people were scheduled to work on the weekend. Steven was asked to go up on the 7th floor where the construction area is and bring back some cable wires. Steven did so and walked into the closed off floor where no one else was around. To his left are two closets that are pretty large. Steven passed them by and heard someone "working" in the back of the closet where the doors are. No one else was on the floor but it's not impossible for someone to be working some overtime or catching up on some work of their own. Steven didn't think nothing of it so he continued on and went to get his cable. On the way back, he heard the person continuing to work so he decided to peak around the corner and say "Hi" .... When he did, the noise stopped and no one was there. There was no opportunity for anyone to go anywhere without being spotted. This experience was very interesting to say the least.  

 The History: Established in 1869 as San Antonio’s first private hospital, it has been around for over 134 years. Hospitals are known for being haunted, and this one is no exception. Located roughly two or three miles from the ALAMO, and also downtown San Antonio, it's not a stretch of the imagination to believe that this place is indeed HAUNTED. 

Final Analysis: Steven writes: "While working there and being a Ghost Hunter, it was a rare opportunity (and pleasure!) for me to spend 8 hours a day for about the span of 9 months in this haunted environment. While I can only recall 6 Paranormal events in the period of 9 months, I'm sure that I might have experienced more but was unaware of them because I was focused on working or doing something at the time. These 6 experiences stood out when I wasn't too busy and when I was "alert" to my surroundings. (As a ghost hunter, you learn to use all of your senses when in a haunted area... It helps you pick up on things faster, and rule out things because you pay attention to details. That's what I mean by "alert". ) All in all, it's been quite an experience, and I'm sure they'll be more to come." ~ Steven Wolff