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My name is Steven Wolff... I'm the founder of STGHA and also The Ghost Education & Research Center - San Antonio  or GERCSA for short. We are an established group of Paranormal Investigators from all over Texas. We conduct investigations for Free at private residences and in business offices. We are discreet, working together and blending into what ever type of environment we are in. We are respectful and trust worthy because people come to us when they don't know where else to turn. We are here to help and at the same time document evidence of Paranormal Activity. We then hand it over to GERCSA so they can research our findings and find patterns that will help us better understand what happens when we die. If you have a haunting that is bugging you, scroll down and send us your report. We'll review it and determine if an investigation is necessary.  You can rest assured that you've found the right group of people who are dedicated to helping you deal with your paranormal activity. We've got the electronics equipment and the know how to get the job done!

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Got Ghosts? Real Stories of Paranormal Activity is a collection of some of the most intriguing and frightening emails sent to us over the last 11 years. Released for the first time EVER to the public (the names have been changed to protect the innocent) Got Ghosts? will give you the chills as you too can read true first hand accounts of ghostly activity. Click on the above link for more info! Contains Bonus Content EXCLUSIVE to those who purchase this book.  :-)

Got Ghosts? 2 - More Stories of Real Paranormal Activity Is the follow up to the best selling book Got Ghosts? and this time, thanks to the wonderful feedback from readers, we've included commentary after each email from Steven talking about the different things mentioned to give YOU the reader a more immersive and enlightening experience. Click on the image above to own your copy today!

The Ultimate Got Ghosts? Collection  Combines the best of Got Ghosts 1 & 2 into one easy to read book that includes a bonus chapter: What to do if you think you've Got Ghosts, written by Steven Wolff, Founder & Lead Investigator of GERC & STGHA.

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Report Ghostly Phenomena

     People have witnessed Paranormal Phenomena for thousands of years. It's nothing new... & You're not alone. We have people write us often telling us things that we hear over and over again. Why? Because there are patterns to these things. We know... We've seen it, heard it, felt it, documented it, filmed it & witnessed it. 

But for someone who's not used to it, it can be a real nerve wreaking experience. They don't know who to turn to because people might think that if you say you think you have a ghost in your home or office, that you've gone off the deep end. However, that still doesn't solve your problem. 

If you do have a ghost or spirit, do you know to co-exist with one? 

Most people don't even know where to begin... so they come to us for help.

We need your help in locating where Paranormal Activity happens. 

In return, we can provide peace of mind by verifying if you do have ghosts & how to deal with them.

We document Paranormal Activity using a variety of equipment from Digital & Audio Cassette Recorders, Infra-red Thermo devices, Sony Camcorders, Electro Magnetic Field Recorders, to Digital & 35mm Cameras All reports we receive, investigated or not are all Documented, Studied, & Shared with other investigators and possible outside sources so we may better understand Paranormal Phenomena and Ghostly Activity. All Emails sent to us become the property of GERC & STGHA and the contents within the email maybe shared with others - except personal contact information which we respect. If we use the content of your email,  your personal contact info will be changed to respect your privacy. By you emailing us, you acknowledge this and accept these conditions.

As always, we NEVER charge for our investigations.

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Join the South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance!

Being a Multi-City Paranormal Investigating Group, We have members all over South Texas who communicate with each other via our Yahoo! E-Group. Inside, we discuss investigations, discoveries, procedures, as well as sharing our thoughts, ideas and evidence gathered from our investigations. We are a family of friends and ghost hunters. We respect each other and the dead and our family is one of the closest ever assembled. This is because in our group, we don't have fighting, arguing, back stabbing, and conflict like you do with many other groups. We are a very respectable group who set's the standards that others ghost hunting groups follow. If you are intelligent, creative, analytical, we are looking for you. Doesn't matter what your occupation, graphic designer, manage a Halloween costumes store, police officer etc. To be considered a member, click on the link below. You will then be a part of that family of friends, and ghost hunters.  :-) 

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  Can't Stop The Signal Memorial

This is a memorial to the short lived but well loved Series called FIRELY. We were here when the signal went out for immediate assistance and we have fought long and hard since. Our hard work has brought the series to DVD and we even got to see it on the big screen! So while Firefly won't be back on the air anytime soon, this original spot and wording will remain intact.

This has nothing to do with Ghosts, But Anyone who has seen the show FIREFLY on FOX knows that it's a great show with a lot of potential. It has 12 episodes already done and each one gets better and better, but FOX decided not to renew the contract. FIREFLY didn't have a chance to get off the ground because it was split up by a four week conference and then put back on the air. The viewers never had a chance to give it praise or feedback. Now it's your turn. If you've seen FIREFLY and agree with us, that it should be picked up by another station or FOX, then please join the fight to keep FIREFLY flying. 

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About Us:  

The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance is a non-profit Paranormal Investigation organization made up of experienced members from a variety of Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Investigation Clubs & Organizations. We work together under the guidance of Steven Wolff, The Founder of STGHA & The Ghost Education & Research Center - San Antonio. Steven takes sole responsibility for the group & their behavior. This ensures that everything will run smoothly and that at least one person is at the helm at all times. Other members also assume responsibility of certain tasks if needed. By working together as a team or "an alliance" everyone is free to relax and enjoy the investigation. Another added benefit of being an alliance is shared experience and knowledge. Different groups do different things, giving new members and others an opportunity to see things in two or more different ways. This provides a continuous teaching atmosphere. We are all equals, and we are all working together to experience, learn, and educate ourselves & others about ghosts & paranormal activity. We conduct investigations where ever they are reported granted, we are invited by the owners of the property, business, or home. We WILL NOT investigate a location if we first don't have permission from the owners. We are aware we represent other ghost hunters & ghost hunting organizations and groups. Therefore, we will be respectful and set the example for others to follow.