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On September 8th, 2001, The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance was called in to investigate a house that was reported haunted before a murder took place on the property.  A full blown apparition was seen at the top of the stairs of a man, walking from the right side to the left. A glowing orb was seen from the entrance onto the property, going from this barn to the right side where an old barn decays. One person died in this area and one orb is seen in the above photo.  

Local gang members have ran sacked the house on several occasions. This is the location where the dogs were seen barking at something that cannot be seen. Steven Wolff who is a Sensitive, felt something was here in this area. Linda Houle backed up Steven's claim by using dowsing rods. They pointed to something here in this area. Linda took this picture with her digital camera and one orb is seen here. The family believes this orb is the uncle because the living room was his favorite spot in the whole house. 


Later on during the evening, Linda takes another picture of the area and the same orb as the one above is seen again, this time, taken from a further distance and not exactly in the same place, ruling out something on the wall or lens and gives credibility to Steven's sense. 

Some of our members beliefs allow the use of sea salt to create a "spiritual" barrier keeping spirits at bay. A "spiritual" barrier was constructed by some of the women investigators to keep the evil spirits from upstairs from coming down after an open invitation was accidentally given by one of the family members. The results of that invitation was clear... Loud footsteps of someone coming down the stairs was all caught on tape! This photo was taken an hour later, and shows an orb behind the barrier. 

Investigation: The Jacksonville Ghost Hunt

Location: Jacksonville, TX 

Date: September 8th, 2001 

Investigators: Steven Wolff, Tracey Rogers, Linda Houle, Amr ElSayed, Steve Mares

Weather Conditions:  Warm ~ 85 degrees Humidity was also high. No clouds in the sky.

Photo Credits: Linda Houle 

Paranormal Activity Reported: An apparition of a man wearing a tee shirt and jeans was seen walking from the right side to the left side on the top of the stairs. Outside the house, a shadow of a person is seen in one of the upstairs rooms on several occasions. Lights & water turning on and off by themselves. A "negative energy" was felt upstairs and pushed one of the family members out. A glowing red orb was seen outside the house going into the barn. Cold spots & shadows in the corner of the eye. 

Paranormal Activity Found: All members sensed a negative energy upstairs and in the main bedroom. Sounds of footsteps coming down the stairs were recorded on Hi8 film. A wave of warm air swept the room moments before the steps were heard. A spirit was felt by Steven in a corner of the living room. Photographs back up Steven's claim by showing one orb in two different pictures in the same location. Dowsing rods also reacted to something in the corner.  A bright orb streak was seen moving quickly from outside the door into the barn. 

 The History: (Location & Names held by request of family)

An uncle bought a house that is about 25 years old on a property that is in the middle of dense woods. The purchase was made not to long ago. He told his family that he sensed an evil presence in the upper level of the two story house. During his stay in the house, he has reported paranormal phenomena such as shadows moving out of the corner of his eye, lights flickering on and off and icy cold drops in temperatures, as well as a feeling of something/someone else in the house with him. His two dogs were seen barking and staring at something that couldn't be seen with human eyes. One day while sitting at his table, three men hired by his ex-wife came running out of a room into the kitchen and tackled the man to the ground. One of the men had a gun and ordered the uncle to get on his knees. Right before he was going to execute the uncle, the uncle quickly grabbed the gun and it went off, shooting the guy on the other side of the uncle. He collapsed dead a few feet away. During the struggle, one guy made a clean get away, the uncle got up and fired several shots at the figure running out the door. That man got in his truck and died on the property a few minutes later. Several months later, the uncle was found hanging from a tree outside his house. He had been hanging for at least several days. The family didn't believe that suicide was the cause of death and called us in to investigate if maybe the evil presence had something to do with the uncle's mysterious death. 

What happened during the Investigation: 

We arrived there around 7:20pm. The weather was muggy and warm, around 85 degrees. Steven insisted not to have the family members reveal any information about what happened in or outside the house. Steven did a sweep with his EMF detector and found nothing substantial with the detector. Upstairs, there was a negative feeling but nothing standing out. Downstairs in one corner, Steven felt a presence. Linda was second to go in, using dowsing rods. She did a sweep and also had something active in the corner. Tracey was the third & last to do a sweep. She noticed the negative energy upstairs also. We all met up downstairs and debriefed each other on our findings in front of the family. The family then told us what happened at the places we described. In the corner where Steven felt the presence, The dogs were seen barking at something in the air. Upstairs in one of the rooms, Tracey recalled her negative feeling. It was the same room that pushed one of the family members out.  

The group decided to sit down and allow the family members to say what's on their minds. The brother made a mistake of inviting "all the spirits down." This invitation was quickly closed but before it was revoked, sounds of footsteps coming down the old wooden stairs could be heard very loudly, Plus, a wave of warm air swept through the room like someone had a big fan. All this was caught on tape by Steven Wolff using a Sony Night vision Camcorder. A spiritual barrier was placed along the house afterwards by some of the women who's belief's allow them the use of sea salts & other items to keep negative spirits at bay. After the excitement, everyone calmed down and decided to try again. Tracey Rogers used a crystal pendulum to ask the spirit of the uncle, and the man who died questions. The man who was accidentally shot was first to answer the questions. The pendulum was recorded on tape and was the first time it was used during a STGHA investigation. It is a crystal attached to a light chain. Because each person is different, it is used by asking "Show me a YES" and the crystal will spin in one direction or another. Again, "Show me a NO" and remarkably, the crystal will spin in the opposite direction. 

The spirit was asked if he knew what he did was wrong. The crystal spun in a yes with a pretty good spin. The spirit was asked do you regret what you did? The crystal spun real fast. The whole time, Tracey's hand and arm is motionless, yet the crystal is moving on it's own at a speed where you would have to noticeably move it to maintain the speed. Tracey asked a No question and it slowed down, stopped, and spun in the No direction. This went on for about 10 minutes. The spirit was invited to leave after apologizing to the family members present. Last, but not least, the uncle was up for questioning. The family members asked personal questions and the crystal responded accordingly. To make sure this was the uncle, trick questions were asked, and the uncle answered them correctly. He refused to go on until the ones who murdered him and tried to cover it up as a suicide are found and brought to justice.         

Final Analysis:

The ghost of the uncle doesn't want to leave until someone is brought to justice for murdering him. The first time they attempted to kill the uncle, they failed. The second time, they succeeded. Now he wants to stay behind to make sure they pay for their crime. Only then, will this spirit leave the old run down house he once called home. The one of the two accomplices who were killed in the first attempt left this world into the next after apologizing to the family members present. The other one is left roaming the outside area where the dirt road meets up with the house. As far as the evil presence encountered, it remains upstairs for what ever purpose it was there to begin with. The condition of the house continues to deteriorate as it's possible that no one else may ever live in this house again.