The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance

Are Spirits/Ghosts Intelligent?

There are thousands of documented reports of spiritual behaviors that suggest that spirits/ghosts are intelligent by the behaviors they exhibit. 

Some spirits have been known to think ahead and pull someone out of harms way, suggesting that they understand that if they don't interact, that someone might get injured. Some spirits have forewarned others not to go on a trip the next day, or to not do something, only for the human person to find out that they would have been seriously injured or killed if they hadn't listened. Others have alerted people to the where abuts of a child, a murder weapon, or even a crime scene, that without this spiritual interaction, they may never have found out. 

Some documented cases has shown that behaviors of a once alive person, still continue on after death. For example, a mother who died in a car accident, still showed up the next day to have the kids lunch already made, as well as the bed made, dishes washed. This isn't a isolated case, hundreds of reports of this happening suggests that either the spirit feels they have to look after their responsibilities, and sadly, that perhaps they are unaware that they died. 

Are ghosts/Spirits Intelligent?

Yes. Some are even interactive, which shows thought patterns, and cause & effect. 

(Turning lights on or off, opening or closing doors, locking or unlocking doors, turning faucets on and off, tuning radio stations to a certain station, moving things around to a proper place, etc.)