The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance

What is a Ghost Hunter?

The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance defines a ghost hunter as a person who actively seeks out a ghost for the purposes of either:  

1.)documenting paranormal activity using a variety of equipment

2.)experiencing audible, visual, sensory, and/or emotional phenomena first hand

3.)establishing two way communication with a spirit/ghost                                

4.) personal understanding by interpreting evidence gathered at a location                 

5.) Sending them on their way.

Because Ghost Hunters are found all over the world, some have different motives as for why they seek out spirits/ghost. As long as this remains true, there will always be a difference of opinion as to how someone goes about "ghost hunting."

The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance uses an outline set forth by the International Ghost Hunter Society to keep everyone operating on the same sheet of music, so to say. These Standards & Protocols are used by a lot of respectable ghost & paranormal organizations across the globe, to help reduce human influence on photographic or audible evidence taken during an investigation of a haunted location or hotspot. They also serve as a reminder for respecting what we can't see, personal safety, and a checklist on our behavior when out on a hunt. Since Ghost Hunters & Paranormal Investigators are always being watched, it's important to set a good example. It only takes one bad apple to tarnish the hard work & efforts of ghost hunters.

 Some ghost hunters/paranormal investigators have dedicated their lives, time, money & efforts to record and document true paranormal activity in hopes of educating themselves and the public. Because this is not an exact science, Skeptics and Religious figures are quick to shoot down the work that they do to try and debunk the existence of ghosts/spirits. They will try and find flaws in the equipment they use, in the procedures they go about documenting evidence, and how they conduct ourselves on investigations. 

Some people, no matter how much evidence you present to them, will not accept any possibility that ghosts/spirits do or might exist. They make it their mission to go out and criticize our work and efforts. Kind of a "I'm right and you're wrong" attitude that they are trying to prove, since they seem that we're trying to "prove" to them that ghosts exist. We don't know for 100% certainty that ghosts exist, but enough evidence has been gathered to move beyond the "coincidence" that ghostly phenomena just happens by itself, to the "probability" stage, of where something else, perhaps a ghost/spirit, is causing things to happen in patterns.

 We believe ghosts influence EMF instruments to pick up energy signatures, drops in temperature, solid items moving, show up on film/pictures, and cause EVP's to occur. All these events that are common cannot be dismissed as random or spontanious. There is a pattern, and ghost hunters are the one's who seek out these patterns. It's in the hopes that we learn from being around these events that we can better understand what it is that we're dealing with. What we believe, are ghosts.    

On a side note, not all ghost hunters are serious and dedicated... some do it for fun or as a hobby, but they still respect the others who do this as a profession. Years of work and dedication can all be for nothing if someone else blows it in the name of "ghost hunting." Trust me folks, I've seen it done in other professions. Until then, people will continue to experience and document first hand these "Paranormal Events" to seek out answers of what happens in the after life. Call them "ghost hunters" or "paranormal investigators" or just curious, what ever you call them, they are not alone. There are literally thousands of ghost hunters, ghost hunting clubs & organizations, and paranormal investigators all over the world. Why would we be wasting our time if our experiences weren't satisfied? 

Still a skeptic? That's ok. Join a local Ghost hunting group in your area, and go on at least two ghost hunts. Experience what thousands of us do on a daily basis. Doors opening and closing with no logical explanation... Sounds coming from corners as loud as right next to you, lights as bright as a flash lights moving through out a room... and you're alone. These are only but a few of things that may happen, because each hunt is unique.

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