The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance

Do Ghosts/Spirits Have Feelings?

Yes, they do. 

It's believed that when a person dies, their soul/spirit/conscious goes with them, where ever they chose to be. Some spirits don't move on and stay behind because of many reasons.

For example, they want make sure that their loved ones are ok (or will be ok), 

That a final message be given to someone so that they may benefit from it 

( The location of a lost item, A message from the spirit to be given to someone who's alive, not to worry, etc...)

Some spirits who have communicated to our group through mediums have expressed concerns about things that have happened in the past, that have troubled them. A terrible burden that they have carried until the truth be known and told to the proper people. 

One example was when our group was doing an investigation at a building that used to be a nurses dormitory. A spirit named Selma was troubled by a rape she witnessed many years ago. Being a little old black lady, in a time of very little civil rights, no one believed her story. The nurse that was raped was locked in a closet underneath a stairwell. Both the nurse (named Mary) and Selma stayed behind until their story could be told. The event happened 40+ years ago.

And told it was...

Detailed descriptions were told of names, places, who's involved, etc were told to the group. Once the group assured the two spirits that they could leave, that no one will forget what happened here, a great sense of peace filled the building. 

30 investigators had searched the building during a 3 hour period. Right after the story was told, Steven Wolff, A Paranormal Investigator/Ghost Hunter, brought a rose to be given to the spirits. "Go in Peace" he said, placing it at the scene of the rape. 

Several minutes later, an event now called The Rose Phenomena, happened. 

The whole 3rd floor had the smell of a thousand roses, which Steven and several other investigators had searched every room trying to find the source of the smell.

It's believed that Mary & Selma took the smell of the single rose and multiplied it by a thousand as their way of saying "Thank you" for everything. 

How do you know if the spirits got the gift? How do you know that the spirits even were in there? This picture was taken earlier before the encounter with Mary & Selma. The EMF detector was reading a spirit in the closet. When this picture was taken, sure enough, on the top left, an orb is seen. 

How else does a mysterious smell of a thousand roses all of the sudden appear only on the third floor, at the latter part of the investigation where before, 30 other investigators didn't smell a thing prior to the gift, and upon development of the film, showing a positive reading of spiritual activity AND a orb all in the same picture where the rose was placed later, after finding out this was the scene of a brutal rape?

How much proof does it take before it's considered real?

You decide.