The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance

Ghost Hunting Equipment

The means in which we 'catch' ghosts on film & audio is really nothing fancy at the basic level. A disposable 35mm camera will work fine for the inspiring ghost hunter. Later on, the quality and details of the pictures are a matter of personal preference, when choosing what kind of camera works best for you. One important fact though: Spirits are individuals, still intact with their old behavior and ways of thinking. Keep in mind how you would feel if someone came to your home and started taking pictures unannounced...

Be respectful of the spirits. Ask them for permission to take their picture. You'll find most often than not, they will be even happy to pose for you! We have evidence of this behavior on film. But keep in mind, some don't want to be bothered, and wish to be left alone. If they don't want you to see them, they will make sure that you don't get them on film. There are many documented reports of equipment, in excellent working order, fully charged batteries, etc, not working, or the batteries going dead instantly. Some times, when you leave a certain area, the equipment will operate like nothing is wrong. This happens a lot during investigations. Spirits can affect electronic equipment, so treat them with respect, and they most often will do the same. 


The means in which we document and record spiritual activities are by (but not limited to):

35mm Cameras using 400 to 800 speed film

Night vision Cameras (Sony Camcorders) 0 Lux & Super Night Shot

Digital Cameras & Camcorders

Psychics, Mediums, & Sensitives

Infrared Cameras 

Thermo-vision Cameras

The Internet (Emails, E-groups & Websites)

Electro Magnetic Field Detectors

Non Contact Surface Thermometers

 Dowsing Rods (L Shaped)

Motion Detectors

Laptop & Desktop Computers

Audio & Digital Cassette Recorders with external mikes 

(for recording EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena, aka Extremely Low Voice Phenomena)

The Local Library 

Good old fashion Pen & Paper

Magnum Flashlight