The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance

Do We Conjure Up Spirits?

Heh...  Sorry, No we don't conjure up spirits... We have no need to. 

When people call us, they are experiencing things that are disturbing to them. This can be a light or electrical appliances flickering, turning on and off on their own, doors, windows, drawers, cabinets, opening and closing by themselves, keys, objects moving, misplaced, only to be put back later, things flying around or across the room. We get a number of reports of the above things that happen. 

Fortunately, for us, These are consistent patterns that we look for during our investigations. Because they are consistent, it helps us focus on things that they "Do" instead of things that they don't. This saves a lot of time and frustration. So with all these things happening, do we need to conjure up a spirit? No. These patterns suggest that there's already a spirit there. Why would we need to conjure up something that's already been there for a while?

Our job is to go somewhere were Paranormal Activity is reported and document everything that we can with Video Cameras, Digital & 35mm Cameras, Temperature & EMF instruments, and other tools. If there is something there, WE WILL FIND IT.

We can say that because We've been doing this long enough now and have the knowledge and experience necessary to find and show evidence of ghostly activity and compare it with our other findings. Not to many other people can do that. We talk the talk and walk the walk. We don't need to do anything fancy like Conjure up spirits or do any kind of Ritual to get attention.

Everything we do, is identical to what someone else can do for themselves. We don't have any advantage or secret hand shake or magic password to find ghosts.

Ghosts (like humans) have patterns of behavior & electrical signatures. They are everywhere you can think of, and sometimes in places you'd never imagine. We get a kick out of showing people the ghosts they have at their office and home. By the same token, we also educate others on what to do next. It's one thing to have a ghost in the house/office. How you respond and treat them, is another story. Ghosts & Humans co-exist and have co-existed peacefully for the longest time.

It doesn't take rocket scientists to find ghosts. Just ghost hunters.