The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance

Can You Communicate With Them?

Yes you can. But We feel it's our responsibility to tell you the following:

If it's a loved one, or a friend, or even a long lost pet, you can talk to them in your regular tone of voice, anywhere you are. You don't need a Quija board, you don't need to hold hands around a table, you don't need no psychic, no sťance, no kind of magic of any kind or  to do anything fancy. 

They can hear you. They are tuned to your "spirit frequency" just as much as you are to theirs. People who develop strong ties & bonds with loved ones never really break that bond. You're more connected than you think.

People have reported loved ones "communicating" with them in their sleep, or even when they are awake. Sometimes the spirits communicate with a single image, smell, or sound inside your head. Sometimes, they also send "signs" that they are around. We have found evidence of this by observing certain items being left out, or in a certain shape that meant something to that person when they were alive. 

One case that was reported was of a husband that died in the WTC on September 11th. That husband, every mother's day would go and buy flowers for his wife to plant in their yard out front. This was a habit/ritual in their family. Well, next mother's day, the wife went to the garden and several flowers have grown there on their own...

Forget Me Not's.

 And they also happened to bloom on that day. Coincidence? Since they never planted that type of flower there before? This story is documented on tape and has been played on ABC.

Another thing to remember is this:

If you're driving along and suddenly your car breaks down on the side of the road, and nothing can ever get it to run again, most people would say "You're screwed." You don't have a means of transportation any more. 

Does that mean you're any less of a person? 

Does that mean that the world has to stop because of you breaking down? 


The same applies for spirits/ghosts.

Try to understand this... 

Our Spirit/Ghost/Soul is the Driver inside a fancy car called 

The Human Body.

It gets on average 74 years to the gallon. 

(In some cases, with regular maintenance, your miles may vary.)

Suddenly, You break down. Your car (body) is a total loss. 


Just without the means to get around, a horn to honk so people can see and hear you. 

 Does that mean you're any less of a person? Does that mean you should not be respected anymore? 

Spirits/Ghosts are the energy that has to exit the body when we leave. It still holds your thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions, and personality. This is proven over and over in records of family members complaining of how the bed still is made just like the mother made them before she died, the dishes being done, the lunches being made..

Unfortunately, Some people aren't aware that they don't have a means of transportation. In other words, They Don't know they're dead. 

The Movie ~ The Sixth Sense ("I see dead people") took the information ghost hunters have learned and made a movie out of it. Yes, children can see dead people. Sadly, people tell them that there's no such thing and to stop. 

Spirits CAN hear you. Some can even respond by moving an object, if on camera, move up or down, left or right depending on the commands you ask, others can allow you to hear them audibly by talking out loud. Others use another form of communication called E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomena) also called Extremely Low Voice Phenomena. 

The Human voice range is from 300 Htz to 3000 Htz. 
Most spirits have been recorded well below 300 Htz, ruling out someone else in the background making noise or whispering off camera. 3000, and 300 are the extreme ends. No one human alive has yet to hit either end, yet, we get EVP's every day that are in the 200 Htz range. 

Can we communicate with them? Yes. 

Can they communicate back? Yes, if they want to.

Remember, treat them with respect. Just because you can't see them, doesn't mean they're not there. They can hear you. Speak to them, and of them, as if they were in the same circle of friends. Not as a thing or worthless item. 

Ask them a question, and use a simple tape recorder with an external microphone to listen to the answers. We have yet to hear a ghost carry on a full conversation on tape, but if you're lucky, you'll get up to a full sentence on tape. (EVP)

Thomas Edison (remember the great inventor?) ~ He's the one that discovered EVP's. In fact, he spent the last few years of his life, carrying on conversations with Spirits. Look it up in the History books. He's also the first person to invent the phonograph. The worlds first recorder. How do you think Spirits felt when someone finally heard their voice?
My guess is Tickled Pink. And thanks to the great inventor, we have a means to hear spirits speak.