The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance

What Does The Bible Say About Ghosts?

People think of Religion when they think of ghosts or spirits, and the first thing that comes to mind is Satan. Spirits/Ghosts are the work of the devil, and that ghosts are bad... or many variants to this.  

In our 30+ investigations we've done all over South Texas, we've never met anyone or anything we felt was "evil" ~ In fact, our findings suggest that most spirits don't mind wanting to be found. We've encountered several interactive and very friendly spirits/ghosts who were very glad to see us. We've got the photos and witnesses to back this up. 

But we also can't deny that there have been some spirits who have physically harmed several of our ghost hunters. Usually the results are only a scratch or bruise. So that's saying out of every 100 people you meet, you're going to meet 2 thugs or bullies. The remaining 98 of them will not mind seeing you. That's not bad odds for what we do. If what we do was hurting us more than it was helping us, then we wouldn't do it. But the very few times we do get hurt, it's probably for a reason... 

1.) They are very upset that we are there.

2.) They could feel we're trespassing on their property or in their home. (this is very common in haunted houses that used to belong to someone else who died there.) 

3.) They are just punks, just like they were in real life, they still remain behind causing fear and intimidation.

We know these things and keep them in mind when ever on an investigation. One of STGHA's Key Rules is RESPECT the spirits. We've found that this goes a long way in helping us. We talk to them, let them know what we're doing, and we invite the friendly ones who want to interact or have their picture taken, to come join us. There's nothing like asking a spirit to take a group photo with you and have him/her in it. 

With this said, We don't have any evidence that suggests that the spirits or ghosts we encounter have any link to Satan or evil. No 666 signs, flaming skulls or anything frightening. 

Sometimes religious people  get into a heated argument with other ghost hunters & paranormal investigators because they think that they are trying to debunk or disprove the bible.

Quite the opposite. The Holy Bible is chocked full of reports of paranormal activity & reports of ghosts & apparitions. We're talking about people 2000 years ago who's minds weren't corrupted with science fiction or movies or horror novels. They saw and experienced things, and they wrote them down in the bible. You can look them up and see for yourself. In fact, one person most religious people won't argue against is Jesus Christ.

He himself talks about what a ghost is and isn't...

In the Bible, under the book of Luke, Chapter 24, Verses 37-40

37: They were startled and frightened, thinking they saw a ghost. 

38:  Jesus said to them , "Why are you troubled, and why do doubts rise in your minds?...

39: Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself ! Touch me and see; a Ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have."

There are other reports in the bible of disembodied voices, apparitions that appeared and faded away, strange lights, and other patterns we associate with modern day ghosts. A book that is centuries old even refers to what a Ghost looks like. Look at the source who's saying this...

 Jesus is the one who's acknowledging the existence of ghosts by describing that they don't have flesh & bones. All over the world, in countless historical documents and texts, there are reports of ghostly phenomena dating back for hundreds of years of people seeing apparitions, paranormal activity, and things that cannot be explained. 

And is it a coincidence that even today, we're still getting these same reports and experiencing things we cannot explain?

Thanks to the efforts of ghost hunters & paranormal investigators world wide, we're now starting to understand more about ghosts through our research and field investigations. And thanks to many religious doctrines and books, we also have the support we need that we're not crazy either.