The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance

Are Spirits/Ghosts EVIL ???

No more than an average person you meet on the street.

On September 11th, 2001, The world truly understood the difference between good and evil. Evil was found in the hearts of the terrorists who sought to kill Americans. Good was every American uniting together to help in any way they can. It wasn't a ghost that brought down those planes. It was MAN that was Evil. 

So now the terrorists are dead, are they still considered evil? Well, now you have to think about it. If their spirit/ghost still stuck around with the same intentions it had when it was alive, then the answer would be yes ~ Some spirits are Evil, but no more evil than the average man you meet on the street. More often than not, The spirits we encounter are friendly and go about their business. However, on very rare occasions, we do encounter a negative energy/spirit that doesn't want us there, for what ever reason. That doesn't mean that they are evil, but they can be angry, upset, or grumpy. 

Are they evil for being this way? No. People's personalities are taken with them when they leave their bodies. If someone was miserable in life, they probably will remain miserable when their a spirit. This is because peoples personality is still intact when the leave their bodies. Now, with that said, those terrorists and the murderers on the street who may be still hanging around can be considered evil. 

One of our investigators was severely injured during a ghost investigation  by a ghost who hit on the right side of his ribs. It hurt him bad enough to go down to the ground. Other investigators were at the scene when that happened and saw that it wasn't self inflicted. Photos were taken of the injury for documentation. This is an extreme & rare case. We believe that 98% of the time, ghosts aren't evil. We've got to trace back in time to where we first came up with the concept of Good & Evil. 

The concept of Good & Evil has been around as long as man has roamed this planet. Naturally, what man doesn't understand, he fears. And for good reason. Back in the old days, (38,000 years ago) when man was living in caves, they didn't have very much of a clue of why things were happening, or what would happen if they did this or that.

 So, through learning from trial and error, man learned that most things early on fell in two categories...

GOOD ~ Is something that wont eat YOU for dinner, Something that looks good, tastes good, feels good, something pleasurable is all considered GOOD!

  But if it harms you, kills you, makes you sick, scares you, or causes stress, it's bad!!! And when something is bad, it's EVIL ! And if it's evil, it must be destroyed, as a need of assuring our own survival. So man invented the label system. A way of categorizing what things are good and what things are bad (evil). If man didn't automatically understand it, it was presumed bad (evil) until they researched it some more. That way, if they were wrong, they wouldn't end up some creatures lunch. As time went on, man created stories of survival, and how the good triumphed over evil, which made for good past time.

Now, even in our modern day society, we have classic examples of things that are good & evil...

Our Boss ~ EVIL

A Raise ~ Good!

A Murderer ~ EVIL

Chocolate ~ Good!

Terrorists ~ Evil!

GOD ~ Good!

Devil ~ Evil

You get the point. We label and categorize how we feel about certain things, in order to properly put them in their place. Good things bring us pleasure, while bad things bring us misery and pain. (Evil). Still, What we don't understand, We still label as Evil, as a precaution. Ghosts/Paranormal, UFO's, Devil/Satan, Witchcraft, Spirits, etc. Automatically get a EVIL rating. 

Does this mean that some spirits don't cause harm and shouldn't get a evil rating? 


But look at human behavior. Spirits/Ghosts are humans without bodies. Evidence suggests that they behave the same way they have when they were alive. So are ghosts & spirits evil?

I don't think so. I have yet to encounter a evil spirit. There is a phenomena called ELEMENTALS which are NOT to be confused with spirits/ghosts. They are EVIL in all definitions of the word, and many religious people to date who have tried to rid a place of an elemental, have all died. They are very bad news, and not the stuff Ghost Hunters & Paranormal Investigators, even want to think of learning about.  

Outside of Elementals, Spirits & Ghosts are harmless and I don't think evil. There are some who have a malicious attitude, and don't wish to be bothered, but at the most, they are all bark and no bite.