The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance

 Places We've Investigated


The first investigation launching the Ultimate Ghost Hunt was at the Alamo St. Restaurant & Theatre, a place known for good food and good spirits, literally!   

In the above photo, this is another example of how dowsing rods are used by ghost hunters to find spirits. This picture shows clearly how they react near spirits. There are two spirits in this picture: One is obvious, the other is where his left dowsing rod is pointing. Follow the bookshelf straight up and where the air vent meets with the bottom is another orb. Still having trouble seeing it? Turn your monitor brightness down a little. It's there. The lady in gray is also holding dowsing rods which are also pointing to the spirit behind her. This picture was taken with a digital camera owned by Dusty & Weems, and is considered a "trophy" picture for it's clarity and for capturing a ghost hunters success. Keep in mind that most people cannot see the spirit with the naked eye, however, the dowsing rods react to the presence of a spirit, which a skilled dowser like Johnny picks up on. 

(Personal Note from Steven Wolff: EVERY photograph I have of Johnny and I together on an investigation has him, his dowsing rods, and a spirit in them. Watching him walk around a room with the rods pointing the direction that the spirit is in, never fails with photographic results. Kudos to Johnny ~ He's an excellent ghost hunter.)

Dusty & Weems took this photograph right before the play began using their digital camera. They alerted Steven Wolff that a spirit was seen in the corner.  Steven got out his 35mm Kodak Advantix F300 camera and took a picture in the same spot (below)

As a pleasant surprise, the same spirit showed up on 35mm film. This backs up the use of digital camera with a negative backup from a 35mm camera. Although not as clear and colorful, it's important to have at least one of each type of camera on a ghost hunt. This reduces a lot of explainable causes, leaving what we've come for in the first place... The paranormal. 

Here is a picture of Steven Wolff, Founder of the South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance. This is one of many pictures that shows spirits like to hang around him. Steven is a Sensitive which is someone who can pick up on if a spirit is in the area and if so where they might be. Below, The owner of the Alamo St. Theatre, Mrs. Larsen is telling her ghost stories about the spirits who occupy this Restaurant/Theatre. You're probably wondering why there is so much popcorn on the ground. This is all part of the play "Foul Shotz" where it's encouraged to throw popcorn at the bad guys in the play. It's a great ice breaker and everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

Everyone loves a good ghost story, including the ghosts! We've lost count past 12. The incredible one is the bright orb on her left sleeve. Mrs. Larsen is very protective of her ghosts. They are all very friendly and bother no one. Anyone who tries to come and get rid of them will be thrown out. 

One of the Sensitives felt something in this area. Dusty took this picture and captured several orbs in the hallway just outside the theatre.


With all the lights from the hallway being off, Two impressive bright orbs can be seen here. The lady below has a candle on her cupcake. It's not known if it was lit or not...

But the candle was seen plucked out and thrown several feet away. Instantly, several ghost hunters witnessed this and photographed these pictures. There are several bright orbs at the scene of the crime. Mrs. Larsen believes that it may have been the work of Eddie, the boy spirit because he doesn't like flames by his reaction to previous birthday candles & flames.  

At the end of the hall may be Eddie making a break for the door. 

Investigation: The Alamo St. Restaurant & Theatre

Location: San Antonio, TX 

Date: Friday 13th, July 2001 (The Ultimate Ghost Hunt ~ Day 1)

Photo Credits: Dusty & Weems, Tina G., Steven Wolff 

Investigators: Steven Wolff & 31 other investigators from all over Texas

 Paranormal Activity Reported: Silverware floating across the room, Silverware thrown across the room, Women with Red hair reporting hair being pulled on, Lights flicker, Cold spots, Electronic Equipment failing, Objects moved from one spot to another, disembodied foot steps, apparition of a lady named Miss Margaret. 

Paranormal Activity Found: Broken Clock Pendulum swinging back and forth, Icy cold spots, Dowsing rods spinning, High EMF readings, Batteries die instantly, candle thrown from a cupcake, presence felt by several people, lots of pictures with orbs in them.  

The History:

At least five spirits occupy the building daily, with a ghostly occurrence happening almost every other day. Two of the most common spirits are Miss Margaret, an Actress, and Eddie, a boy of around 12 years of age. Eddie is known to cause the most physical activity from things flying across the room to women's hair being pulled. Miss Margaret is known to hang out in the theatre portion of the building watching the plays. Some audience members who have rudely talked during the performance have been "Shhhh'ed" by someone sitting behind them, only to turn around and find no one there. Miss Margaret has been seen once before on the restaurant level by some customers, and once in the balcony. 

What happened during the Investigation: 

We all had dinner and nothing happened while we were eating. After we finished eating was when the fun started. Steven Wolff felt something to the right of him, announcing that "We're not alone" ~ This was the start of the investigation! Tracey B. camcorder drained instantly. Cold spots originated all around our tables. Johnny Bravo pulled out his dowsing rods, and they spun around confirming what Steven said. On the window sill was a weight scale which started moving on its own. On the wall, inside a glass casing was a pendulum that was rocking back and forth... but the clock hasn't operated in years. Photographs were taken and a beautiful "Trophy" photograph was taken by Dusty & Weems  of Johnny Bravo holding his dowsing rods up right underneath a spirit. We were prompted to go upstairs because the show "Foul Shotz" was about to begin. While upstairs, Linda H. took a picture with her digital camera and noticed an orb in the corner. Steven Wolff immediately took a picture using his 35mm camera. Upon development, both cameras captured the same spirit on film. Johnny & Steven both had strong EMF  fluctuations where they were sitting.     

Final Analysis:

The Alamo St. Theatre & Restaurant was the first business in San Antonio to receive the South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance  "Officially Haunted" award. A strong and continuous source of EMF energy is generated by wires going from the center of the isle upstairs to the stage. This provides the "energy" needed for spirits to feed off of, giving the spirits everything they need to live comfortably. The daily gathering of people for lunch & dinner specials, on top of the great shows presented are also believed to be strong motivators for hanging around. We highly recommend visiting this restaurant and theatre not only for the delicious food but for the spirits who haunt the building.